A bump to the head

It’s a curious story. I bumped my head in the kitchen and the next thing I knew I could see KerDoodles. They were everywhere! I was amazed. And while the one I first spoke to seemed a little scared, he was also very pleased to see me.

”Oh, I’m so  happy,” he said. “Now we can tell our story. Now the world will know that we’re here, and that we also need love.”

Having nothing with me at the first encounter but a pencil box and a piece of paper I did what I could to reproduce what I was seeing, though I know that my first sketches were a little trepidatious. To be honest, even as I was sketching, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wasn’t still in some kind of danger. Anyway, here’s what I came up with.  This is the first KerDoodle I ever saw.


Such big ears! And he certainly feared that flower.

Follow along to learn more about the KerDoodles, and if you like, contact me to find out if you’ve got a KerDoodle of your own.

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