As I watched, the KerDoodle I had met turned suddenly purple before me.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Nothing much,” he answered. “Our natural colour is white, but we change to adapt to the person we’re with.”

“You’re a chameleon,” I pronounced.

“We are flexible,” he replied. “It is less important for us to be who we are than to support those to whom we are assigned.”

He moved out from behind his wall and came slowly toward me, stretching each leg out as far as possible while walking as if using them to divine water.

“But why purple?”

“Well, I don’t know you yet. Purple’s like a base colour for us – it’s where we begin. As we get to know each other you’ll see that we adjust ourselves to who you are.”

“Fascinating!” I beamed. “So, are you new to me or have you always been around?”

He laughed a little. “I’ve been around since you were born. I was there when you were born. And I knew I was assigned to you even before that day.” He paused. “As we all do. We have to. We have work to do to prepare for you, and for your problems.”

“So, there’s a KerDoodle for everybody?” I could hardly contain my excitement.


“Like an angel – a guardian angel!”

“Well, not exactly. Those guys’ll step in and save you if they feel they need, but we can’t. All we can do is support you while you’re here. We can’t influence events – we can only help you through them.”

“And how do you do that?”

“Oh, buddy, it hurts that you don’t already know. After all, we’ve already been through so much together.” His face brightened. “But that’s why it’s so wonderful that you can see me now. It truly is – you have no idea.”

We fell silent, then, and looked at each other. It was… satisfactory. There was a connection – that much could not be denied – but it was still tentative, still founded on things that were unknown. I watched as he moved again toward me, and as he drew his face most comfortably near my own.

I remember it perfectly. This is what he looked like.

Follow along to learn more about the KerDoodles, and if you like, contact me to find out if you’ve got a KerDoodle of your own.

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