Training Grounds

I turned and followed his gaze, and what I saw was just about enough to knock my socks off! There, stretched across the summer-warm paddocks was an absolutely amazing sight!

“What the heck is going on over there?” I asked, my mouth gaping wide in surprise.

“Yes, those are KerDoodles in training,” announced Clive.

“In training?”

“It’s like boot camp for KerDoodles – where we go to get in shape. We learn some pretty important things at boot camp.”

“Like what?”

“Like recognizing emotions, tenacity, determination, patience, dealing with adversity, being supportive, assimilation.”


“Yes. We learn to mould ourselves according to the person we attach to. That’s why each of us looks so different.”

“Some are pretty – umhomely.”

“Same with people, eh? We can’t all be Rock KerDoodleson or Marilyn MunDoodle, you know.”

My sister had gone back to the barn to deal with a horse issue, so I sat down on a nearby rock and drew what I could for her. Believe me, there were far more KerDoodles than you see here, but after a while I got wrist cramp and had to quit.

“So I notice they don’t all look like you,” I said to Clive.

“Some people like dogs, some people like cats. Some people,” he said, looking over my shoulder at my drawing, “appear to like funny-lookin’ rabbits.”


He laughed and wandered into the fray to chat with some of the younger KerDoodles. I sat on the rock, just looking at the amazing tableau before me. I thought about the people these critters would ultimately attach to – the kinds of problems they’d see. I wondered about their names, their personalities, and I wondered if these critters had their own lives and thoughts, or if they merely supported and became the thoughts of their attachments. What an awesome thing, I thought. And to think I had no idea that these guys even existed! That’s when Clive came back.

“The weather’s going to turn,” he said. “Where’s Dee?”

“She had to wash a horse. Ell had to make another run to the burn pile.”

“Okay. Well then, shall we go for a walk in the woods? You never know what you’ll find in there.”

* * *

Follow along to learn more about the KerDoodles, and if you like, contact me to find out if you’ve got a KerDoodle of your own.

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