We decided to head back to the house for dinner, but to do that we had to pass through the barn again, and on the way we saw a most idyllic scene.

Now, to describe it properly I need to explain something. You recall, of course, that I secured my ability to see KerDoodles from a bump on the head. Well, children don’t need that sort of thing at all. Children and animals, in fact, have the ability to see KerDoodles as much as they want, and to interact with them at will. Have you never heard a child tell of their ‘friend’, which you interpreted (because you couldn’t see them) as ‘imaginary friend’? Well, that sort of thing goes on all the time. Actually, kids see KerDoodles quite easily – they just don’t think they’re anything unusual so they don’t often bring them up in conversation.

Anyway, we passed the Lounge by the arena, and saw little Jewel and her KerDoodle enjoying a very nice catalogue moment.

“We’re excellent teachers,” said Clive. “We’re patient, and soft-spoken, and completely understanding. We also have a vast knowledge base to draw on when teaching – especially when we’re teaching kids. And we love it. We love to teach.”

We watched them learn together for a while, then headed back to the house. I would prepare dinner while Clive had a bit of a nap. Poor chap – I think I was wearing him out. Here he is now, in fancy jammies, copping a snooze with Dee and Ell’s pooches.

Follow along to learn more about the KerDoodles, and if you like, contact me to find out if you’ve got a KerDoodle of your own.

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