Everybody’s Got One

The next day we went for another walk, this time to the corral just west of the house where Clive and I found Ell watching Dee pick up some wind-blown branches. It didn’t escape my attention that Ell was not alone.

“I thought everyone had just one KerDoodle,” I posed.

“Well, everybody has at least one, but there’s no technical limit, and we KerDoodles tend to gravitate to people we like.”

I looked at him and he smiled.

“By the look of it Ell’s got three,” he continued. “Hang on.”

He walked over and spoke to the nearest little chap, who was purple, with an orange baseball cap. In a moment Clive came back and reported to me:

“As I thought. KerDoodles will sometimes check in with a new person if their regular assignment is asleep, or boring. These two extras are actually assigned to those two horses over there, so technically they’re working and resting. They’re multi-tasking.”

“Interesting,” I said. “Let’s go for a ride. I wanna see if some of my other friends and family also have KerDoodle company.”

He looked at me. “Still not convinced? Okay fine, let’s go.”

The car bore us both swiftly and warmly away from the farm and back to my place, where I found Rusty waiting by the front door for his Gamma.

“Hey,” I hollered after enjoying a happy reunion with little Rusty, “that one’s brown!”

“I told you – we adapt. Over time, and when we’re feeling comfortable, we lose the initial hue and adopt a colour more suited to our subject. That KerDoodle has adopted Rusty’s colour to help him feel very comfortable.

“Amazing,” I said.

I made a nice sandwich and we sat at the table to eat – well, I ate, Clive watched. Then suddenly the phone rang and we both darn near jumped out of our skins. After a few moments, listening, I hung up the receiver and said: “we have to go back to Dee’s place. There’s trouble at the farm.”

* * *

Follow along to learn more about the KerDoodles, and if you like, contact me to find out if you’ve got a KerDoodle of your own.

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