Wintertime Nighs

By the time we got to the farm we had started to see some real signs of winter. Snowfall sprinkled across the roads and ditches like talcum spilled on a bathroom floor. We pulled in at the barns and I immediately went looking for Dee.

“What’s the problem?” I asked when I found her.

“What problem?”

“You said you needed me.”

“Oh that,” she chuckled. “Would you mind walking the pooches? I’ve got to do some paperwork.”

“That’s it?” I looked at Clive, but he turned away, twisting his toe into the ground and making like he was whistling. I sighed. “Fine,” I said. “Do your paperwork. We need some exercise anyway.”

“Thank you,” she smiled.

So we took hold of the dogs, even as the snow started to fall, and headed out into the forest.

It was very pleasant. Fresh, cool air braced us and we walked through the forest for about an hour as the dogs sniffed and snuffed and snoofed all over the place. They had such a time! Even Rusty, who is usually so calm and quiet on his walkies, seemed to be having an exceptionally good time. Of course anyone else would have wondered why, but to me it was pretty obvious.

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