Clive scurried around and stood beside me and for the longest time we both stood and watched as the Rottenvater hung in the air before us. He looked furious, mixed with enraged, blended into a frothy kind of malevolence, and as we watched we saw his eyes change colour from black to yellow to red and back again repeatedly. I found this most disconcerting.

He looked us both up and down, and in a moment a spindly sort of arm extended from a square disc on his side and stretched out so as to point at me. He leaned in, evidently displeased about something, and shook violently from head to – um, well he shook violently. At the same time he made a most unfriendly sound with his lips as a violent expulsion of foul-smelling air passed across them.

“What’s he saying?” I whispered to Clive.

“How should I know? – I don’t speak Rotten. But I will say that he doesn’t seem very pleased that you can see him.”

Just then the phone rang, and this caused the Rottenvater to quickly cover his ears – or where I assumed his ears were – with his long, spindly hands. By the second ring his chest had puffed up and his eyes shut tight, and by the third he had flown vigorously up toward the ceiling, then shrieked down the hallway toward the bedrooms.

“Come on!” said Clive, and we followed him. We got to my bedroom just in time to see the Rottenvater forcing himself under the bed. His eyes were red by then, a fiery red that I had never seen before, and he was making horrible grunting noises as he kept driving himself further and further out of sight.

* * *

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3 Comments on “Bells

  1. I hope Clive will be safe, you have to be brave and take great care of him.

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