“And that’s that?” I asked. “He just slips under the bed and we all carry on?”

“Yes, that’s exactly right,” replied Clive. “The Rottenvater is out of sight, definitely, but he’s never completely out of mind. He is always there, niggling at us, worrying us. We are constantly wondering when he will surface again to make our lives miserable. We forever contemplate the extremes he brings us – the fear, the anxiety, the pain. He lives under the bed, yes – he is the monster under the bed – but whether we like it or not, we take him with us everywhere we go.

“Meanwhile, we go about our usual activities – loving, supporting, caring, and interacting with people. The Rottenvater may always be there, but that is no reason to let him control us, or to dictate what we do each day, or how. The Rottenvater has his place in any life, but it is only one place. Unless we allow him to, he does not own us. We should work tirelessly to ensure that it stays that way.”

“Well said. It’s the constant battle within, between good and evil.”

“We have choices,” said Clive, putting on his yellow sweater for a walk with little Jewels. “I choose happy.”

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