Clive wanted to work on his comic strips, so I wandered around the farm some more. I saw ducks, cowering from the cold at the back of the pond, looking unhappy, but resigned to their fate as the wind whipped round and round and the snowflakes fell. I saw two more hiding inside an open shed, trying to stay out of the wind, then over by the arena I saw a horse in a blanket, standing with its hind to the wind, its eyes closed tight, obviously deep in thought about hay or oats or something equally nice – perhaps the loving warmth of its stable. In a moment I saw a sleek, black dog running madly from here to there and back again, seemingly just to be doing something, or – if I’m feeling generous – to stay warm or get exercise.

Then I went into the barn and saw little Jewels, at play. She was being very well supervised, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

3 Comments on “Playtime

  1. I had never seen a decorated Christmas tree in a barn before. What a clean, modern barn it is too! 😉. Such fun in a barn.


  2. Wonderful expressions ……..everyone is happy. Me too for having seen it.

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