In the Village

‘Playing’, and ‘practicing’ meant, of course, drawing it again – at least once, but preferably more than that. It didn’t even have a name at this point, but I was determined to give it life, and to see where its potential lay. In truth, it was a silly creature with big eyes and an all but permanently bewildered expression on an absurd purple face, but at that time it didn’t really matter what he was. It only mattered that he continued to be. The word evolution kept playing through my mind. Let it be, I told myself. Let it be what it needs to be and it will inevitably become what it is.

I tried motion – what better way to denote life than to create a path, from here to there? I brought him forth from the wall behind which he had stayed hidden all these decades, and politely suggested he check on his audience.

At the same time I gave him a flower, and a tree, hinting at the possibilities in his brave new world. There’s so much more to enjoy in the world than you will ever find behind your little wall, I inferred. But only the courageous will ever know for sure.

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