In the Village

Here, our little friend has started to move away from his safety net, the wall, but he’s still shy, timid, and demure. I remember actually visualizing the one that’s upstairs, in the window, and I drew him Just as I saw him. I was quite pleased with how he turned out, but, I drew him in one layer – as evidenced by the ear on the left overlapping the window lattice. I hadn’t yet discovered – or at least didn’t yet fully appreciate – the power of the Layer Tool in my drawing app. 🤔

That was a pleasure still to come.

2 Comments on “In the Village

    • Thank you. There definitely is a process. A little while ago when I was looking through all of my completed images I observed their evolution, and noted the obvious increase in confidence in the drawings. It made me laugh a little, because I also remembered the thoughts I’d had in bringing them to life.

      Thanks to you for being a KerDoodle Keener!

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