In the Village

I started to wonder, “what the heck are these kerdoodles, anyway?” A child had asked – are they dogs? When I’d started drawing them I hadn’t been thinking of dogs at all, but looking with fresh eyes now I had to admit the resemblence.

But no, they weren’t (aren’t) dogs. They’re dog-like, certainly, perhaps because dogs are, as everyone knows, man’s best friend. But they aren’t dogs. Oh, there are dog kerdoodles, but the purple and pink, the big, friendly creatures who were evolving before my very eyes were more than that.

As if to prove this, I started fooling around with all sorts of characters. Here’s a first cat kerdoodle,

And here’s first-blush of a real dog kerdoodle.

I know: rough, unskilled drawings, but they were doodles and I still respect them as such. Yes, they were KerDoodle doodles.

If you enjoy the KerDoodles please let us know by commenting, below, or by using the Contact page on the site. It’s always nice to know when efforts are appreciated.

2 Comments on “In the Village

  1. Love seeing your kerdoodles. It is the first thing I open on my ipad every day.

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