In the Village

As I gained confidence the kerDoodles started to branch out a little. I realized I wasn’t really confined to just one cell (I’d recently learned this is what they call them). I was actually free to draw either single-cell ‘moments’, or multi-cell stories.

The sky, I was starting to see, was the limit – I only had to do my part and learn how to use all the tools of the app to bring my kerdoodles to ever greater rhapsodies of love, living, and laughter. “Understand your palate,” I said to myself. “A real craftsman knows all the tools at his disposal, and how to use them.” I seem to recall that the contextual dissonance in the word ‘craftsman’ made me laugh. I’m not sure why…

Anyway, what more natural joke is there for a first-time multi-cell kerdoodle than a knock-knock? Oh, and that was the first door I ever drew, too. I think I nailed it.

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