In the Village

And sure enough, that’s what happened. At first it was all in good fun – everyone was laughing and playing and jumping around… Clive tried hard to get the attention of the little kidoodles so that he could indicate the proper way to behave. But they weren’t listening, and they certainly weren’t looking.

They started arguing with each other, staring and glaring, and shouting and hollering and yelling. Little Jace, on his first ever bus ride, was watching all this with such a scared look on his face – so much about life he still did not understand! Even so, the combatants wouldn’t back down.

And that’s when it began. First a long, low rumble, then a sound like metal scraping on metal – a long, high squeal of steel, of emotion it would even seem, from somewhere deep within the bus.

Pascal – a third year boy – knew that sound.

“Uh-oh,” he said, looking around, and soon everyone stopped what they were doing to try to figure out what was going on.

Clive put both hands on the wheel, held his breath, closed his eyes, and hung on for dear life!

“Be gentle, Connie,” he muttered. “It’s just the first day.”

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