In the Village

All calm now, the kidoodles floated about, talking quietly to each other about what they’d just been through, and they took the opportunity to look around outside – at space, at the moon, and at the Earth.

At the same time, Clive the driver leaned forward. He seemed to talk to the dashboard for a few moments before putting both hands on the wheel. He held on while the bus rolled slowly to the left, and he looked out the window as the earth rose up before them.

“Wow,” said Michael.

“That’s awesome!” agreed Daisy.

“That one’s England,” said Leah, pointing.

“And look over there!” added Pedro, with a giggle. “We’re not alone!

A space craft of some kind floated by quite quickly. All the little kidoodles got themselves over to the left side of the bus just in time to look out and see four startled space KerDoodles staring back at them.

“Their school bus is a very strange shape,” said Gabby with a giggle, and they all watched as it slid slowly away behind them.

Just then Clive’s radio crackled to life. He picked up the mike and exchanged a few words with the dispatcher.

“Ok kids,” he said, “it’s time to head to school. We’re the last ones to arrive. Now, everybody hold on!”

Connie the bus picked up speed as she rolled further left and pointed herself back toward home. It became quite loud inside, and there was a faint red glow around them as they headed back down to the big blue planet, to their country, their neighbourhood, and their school. The deep, deep black of space turned gradually blue again, then it was a bright, bright blue. Most of the kidoodles covered their eyes when it was at its brightest, but then in only a few moments they were surrounded by a grey-white mist of clouds which made the windows wet. They were pointed at the very same road from which they had taken off.

The ground rose up toward them, but no one was scared. Connie raised her nose to the sky and seemed to be feeling around with her hind end for the ground. All the kidoodles watched their progress out the windows. Then at last there was a bump, a clunk, a bump-a-clunk-a-lunk, and a whine of spinning tires as the bus resumed her regular road-bound duties.

“There’s the school!” hollered Pascal.

“There’s Señora C!” added Daisy as the bus slowed to its regular crawl.

After a minute Connie pulled up to the school and Clive flipped the switch to open the doors.

“Ok kids, have a great day. I hope you learned something this morning.”

“Sure did,” said Juan as he turned to go down the stairs. “I learned to always share my potato.”

Señora C was greeting the kidoodles from the ground as they got off the bus.

“Good morning, children. You’re a little late. Is everything ok?”

“Sure is, Señora,” said Daisy. “We had an adventure!”

“Oh?” she said. “What kind of adventure?” She looked over toward Clive. Clive rolled his eyes.

“Oh, you know…” he said. “Traffic.”

A couple of kidoodles giggled, and went into the school

One by one the kidoodles left the bus. Señora C checked off her clipboard then waved at Clive. He got up and checked all the seats for sleepers – as if anyone could have slept through this morning’s adventure! – then sat down in his seat and sighed.

“You were magnificent, Connie,” he said. “I never tire of that one.”

And Connie, with a delightful harrumph of well-deserved self satisfaction, revved her happy motor before Clive took the wheel and steered them back to the yard.

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