The early KerDoodles evolved from very rudimentary scratches and scribbles to occasionally thoughtful, well-proportioned, well-crafted artistic output – and there was no one more surprised than I. It was flowing like runoff in springtime.

The problem is, I put too much pressure on myself. At first I was drawing six a day (because they were awful, mainly) and I was posting four of them. I thought that was sustainable, but it wasn’t. Later on I dropped back to posting one drawing every three or four days, but because the more complex works by that time took as long as a week or more to create I started getting into a production deficit and I started to feel bad about this.

It all imploded when I felt like I had nothing left. The pressure I was putting on myself was actually killing the inspiration and the creativity, and I really had no choice but to make it all go away.

But as summer turns to fall I’m feeling stirrings again. The desire to create does not go away just because your eyes get tired. I want to draw – in many ways I feel the need to draw. And what do you do with drawings? You share them, because there’s something wrong when you think of them, create them, and produce them but fail to show them to other people. When you don’t share, well, there’s just something missing from the process.

So let’s do a re-boot. I’ll start with a few of the early KerDoodles and carry on from there. And maybe this time I’ll be a little more effusive about what they are and where they came from. Because there’s a story, you know. There’s a story behind each and every one of them.

Need a KerDoodle avatar all your own? Contact me. Birds going cheep!

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