More photo stuff

At a military museum near me there’s a fighter jet mounted on a pole. Well, I had the idea one day to take a picture and give it a pilot, and this is what I came up with. I airbrushed the pole out of the exhaust area (rather expertly, I think). Then I lay the jet on an exciting blue background, and popped in a happy pilot. A relaxed pilot, too, as you can see from his having his arm up on the window sill. That’s one cool KerDood.

There’s nothing more to it than that. At that time I was seeing KerDoodles everywhere, so it just felt appropriate for there to be one in a jet plane too. After all, they can do everything we can do, so why shouldn’t they fly?

Did I not just now say that at that time I was seeing KerDoodles everywhere? Well, here’s an example of that. Another photographic backdrop (photo credit, yours truly), and boy were those guys industrious! There was painting going on, as you can plainly see, and the bridge was closed. “No pedestrian traffic at all, ma’am,” as the official-looking fellow in the front is probably saying. Somewhere there’s a carpenter, as evidenced by the planks ready for installation. And there, on the left, working on a ladder and on the ground, are some other workers painting the walls. At the time I thought it was rather clever of me to draw the brush marks up to the point that had been painted already – the white down below, and the darker colour above. The No-entry sign also has a distinctly KerDoodle-esque flavour to it. And the roofers are very clearly and cleverly strapped on for safety. After all, it is windy out there, and no one wants to get hurt.

Now that you know basically what’s going on behind the scenes, how about a little rapid-fire before we move on?

A hitch-hiking KerDoodle with no pants? Risky! But that’s what we have here. All on a rural Alberta backdrop.

On the day of the long walk in Toronto I also saw these fellows. All hard at work, though I think it was lunchtime.

Obviously, I didn’t draw that planet, but I did draw the KerDoodle. The statement being made is that they’re everywhere. And they are. They really are.

If you have ever wondered whether there are UFOs, take a look at this. Those little lights in the sky? Probably a KerDoodle, having a little fun.

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