Breughel, Baby

I showed you a first little Breughel-esque thing a little while back – the little world of musical trouble laid out on a treble clef. Well, I feel like I need to chuck in a few more here, before I wrap this little explication once and for all. The first is this little airport scene….

The idea behind one of these is to pack as much information and activity as possible into a very small space. These are complex Kerdoodle offerings – snapshots in time. Here is an airport, with bright, high open spaces, pleasant decor, busy KerDoodles all running this way and that, all on their own little life trajectory – just like us. There’s so much meaning here. So much to see! Is that man running to a gate, or is he following the kidoodle making a mad dash for the washroom? Over there is an advertisement for a dating site – Smoochers. There’s art on the wall. There are mannequins in a store front – because you never know when you’re going to need a new dress or a new pair of slacks. There are anxious kidoodles, there’s a man placing trash in the proper receptacle, a woman alerting a security guard to some development or other, a man walking by, posters on the walls, airplane tails (looks like the bunnies have their own airline – oh my!) There’s even a lady inspecting the camera that has taken the photograph we are looking at.

These are fun to draw. They tax the imagination. They take a long time because of the sheer number of things going on, but they are quite satisfying.

Reasonably enough, from the airport we fly to London, and then on to Paris, then back to New York. I won’t take you through each and every one. By now you know what you’re looking for. What I will do is be quiet, so you can take a proper look around.


So what are the KerDoodles? After almost five years extant we must surely have a sense by now of what they are. The best word I can think of to describe them is ‘sweet’. They are the best of us. They may not always be beautiful, but then, nor are we. They may not always be smart, but then, nor are we. I think they are an example of what we humans could be if we tried harder. They laugh at each other – not unkindly, but with good humour and respect. They focus on their weirdnesses as a point of pride not shame. They accept each other with joy and love, in a spirit of mutual appreciation and of the assuredness of their equal intrinsic value. Even when they do something silly, they accept its silliness as part of their own essential good nature. No one goes out of the way to make others feels bad. No one hates. No one is intolerant, impatient, or intransigent. There’s understanding in Kerdoolia. The village itself is a place where tolerance and love thrive – where skin colour, religious beliefs, political affiliations just don’t matter. What matters is how other people feel. They believe what they believe, but they don’t tear down others who don’t share those beliefs. Instead, they engage with them as KerDoodles – equal in all respects, assured by and in their own skin of the validity of their own existence. They don’t need to force themselves or their way of thinking on their fellow critters because their fellow critters are just as patient and tolerant and kind as they are. Lordy, but it sounds like Utopia! Well, maybe it is. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey through the first KerDoodle years. If so, please tell your friends – if I get a million followers I get a new set of steak knives. Oh, I’ll have to buy them myself, but that’s neither her nor there.

Last I heard, the drawing guy was away – walking slowly around the world, watching hockey, perfecting new recipes – some such. The KerDoodles were beside themselves when he left. Their hope is of course that he’ll come back soon and get back to work.

Of that, time alone will tell.

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