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The monster is always there. Everybody has a Rottenvater. The question isn’t whether he’s there, but how you deal with him. You can feed him, comfort him, nurture him and help him grow, perhaps even allow him to guide you and run your life.… Continue Reading “Rottenvater”


“And that’s that?” I asked. “He just slips under the bed and we all carry on?” “Yes, that’s exactly right,” replied Clive. “The Rottenvater is out of sight, definitely, but he’s never completely out of mind. He is always there, niggling at us, worrying… Continue Reading “Choices”


Clive scurried around and stood beside me and for the longest time we both stood and watched as the Rottenvater hung in the air before us. He looked furious, mixed with enraged, blended into a frothy kind of malevolence, and as we watched we… Continue Reading “Bells”

Something you should know…

“So in general we’re pretty decent creatures,” said Clive. “We defend our assignments, we sympathize, we empathize, and we try to understand – from our limited position – what you human types are going through. We especially love the children because they can see… Continue Reading “Something you should know…”


Dogs walked, we left the farm again and returned home. It was colder at home and the snow there had not turned to rain at all. In fact, it had snowed hard all night and day, so the sight that greeted me – the… Continue Reading “Work”


Overnight, as so often happens in that part of the world, the snow changed to rain and much of the accumulated snow washed away. We took little Rusty for a walk across the water-logged fields and made our way back to the pond where… Continue Reading “Nervous”


After our walk we returned to the house. We were chilled now, and needed to warm up. So the fire was started, chairs rearranged, and together we sat at the window, hot cups of mulled cider in hand, to watch the snow fall. After… Continue Reading “Echoes”

Wintertime Nighs

By the time we got to the farm we had started to see some real signs of winter. Snowfall sprinkled across the roads and ditches like talcum spilled on a bathroom floor. We pulled in at the barns and I immediately went looking for… Continue Reading “Wintertime Nighs”


Rusty joined us for the trip back to the farm, and I noticed that his KerDoodle was no longer brown. I looked to Clive for an explanation. “There’s stress in the air so he reverts,” he said. “I guess that makes sense. I’m pretty… Continue Reading “Dedication”

Everybody’s Got One

The next day we went for another walk, this time to the corral just west of the house where Clive and I found Ell watching Dee pick up some wind-blown branches. It didn’t escape my attention that Ell was not alone. “I thought everyone… Continue Reading “Everybody’s Got One”