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You really want to know this…



As an artiste I must always be on the lookout for forgeries – unauthorized copies of my work. Well, I found one, and I don’t know about you, but I can hardly tell the difference between them. Can you? I’m thinking that whoever did…

The Golden KerDoodle goes to…

Many thanks to all who responded to yesterday’s Interaction post – the correct answer was six. Georgina, Arlan and Dorothy all get the Golden KerDoodle. A special mention goes to Angelique. I’m still looking for that extra KerDoodle. 😜

Saturday Morning



So… interaction time. How many ghost kerdoodles do you see in this old building? Please reply by comment… ~*~

In the Village


Night Sweats




Money Talks



It’s Sunday Morning, and we all know what that means… ~*~