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When I got home again from the farm, Clive was nowhere in sight. There was a note, however, on the dining room table. A single word, Shock, and this… ***


Clive wanted to work on his comic strips, so I wandered around the farm some more. I saw ducks, cowering from the cold at the back of the pond, looking unhappy, but resigned to their fate as the wind whipped round and round and…


Meanwhile, in the Village…

Practice Time

Back at the farm again we wandered around the corrals to see what was going on. “Now there’s something interesting,” said Clive. “What’s going on?” “Looks like the snow pony’s being a little stubborn.” “Carrot not good enough?” I asked. “Um, something like that….

A Walk in Town

I looked in on Clive a little later. He was asleep, resting his head on his arms, and from the pile of strips I saw littering the table around him he’d been working very hard. The one I saw on top told me that…

In the Village

As Muzak plays, here’s a Saturday morning jape.

Back at the Farm

Clive toiled away at the dining room table while I worked in my office. So he’d do the strips and I’d do the tableaus. Well, that seemed an equitable arrangement, and reasonable too since it was clear that he was better at the strips….


Clearly Clive had found a new level of enthusiasm for drawing his friends. I watched him as he sat at the table, working away. “It’s part fun and part social commentary,” he said, evidently reading my mind. “It’ll be what it wants to be.”…

Don’t Rock the Boat

“So how about we go for a walk?” I asked. “Or are you still too tired from shovelling?” Clive’s face lit up and he put up his hand and pulled pencils and paper out from one of his pockets. I waited quietly, watching him…


After shovelling snow with the other KerDoodles Clive came to me, holding a piece of paper in his hand. He handed it to me with a worried look on his face. “What’s this?” I asked. “You inspired me,” he said. “You’ve been drawing us,…