Carrying on

So you’ve had the official reckoning – the A-to-Z of KerDoodle creation. But the thing of it is, there was a lot more. There were so many drawings done, which could never make it into the official story, but which nevertheless had a certain something of their own.

So let’s do it this way: let’s pick a pic or two, just randomly, and take a look at what we see – you know, on its own merits. Now that you know the history, I think you’ll have a better appreciation of what you’re looking at for each rendering. A word to the wise, however: in order to understand this you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve read the entire blog. This is not me being self-serving. This is me wanting you to have the best experience you can of my little productions. So, if you’ve already taken the tour, well, you’re golden. If not, click here, and begin. You might even thank me later.

Where to begin? How about here, with the big bang. I like to poke fun at conventions in my work, and this offering was no exception. It occurred to me one day, while I was buying popcorn at Costco. My mind, somehow in an altered state even as I did my shopping, managed to find its way right down into the depths with an ‘analysis’ of where life began.

Here we see an alien of some kind suffering from the effects of a popcorn binge gone mad. There’s noise, and mess, and this is pretty much what I picture when I hear scientists talk about the beginning of the universe. High temperatures, violent winds, debris everywhere. Basically, everything out of control at an atomic level.

Of course, this interpretation of the cataclysmic event which caused us presupposes a few things. First, the existence of aliens – whether human or not, this guy is really at the heart of things. It also presupposes the existence of popcorn, and I don’t need to point out the flaws in that argument. Finally, it would seem that electricity has been harnessed by this pre-existence civilization. Can anyone see the difficulties here? It is, of course, a contradiction in terms. All I can say in my defence is that this is what I saw, and there ain’t thing one can be done about that.

This one was also inspired. At the time, during Covid, there was a lot of talk about conspiracies, and a lot of people were behaving very strangely. So I sat, and wondered, and mulled, and thought, and ruminated even more than that, and I figured out after a while that there was only one explanation possible. Clearly, I thought, some external influence was whispering in the ears of these distracted people. And of course, being who I am, I decided it must be an alien.

So here is this fellow, having landed his little spaceship in the middle of the street, whispering some unsavoury “truth” or other in the ear of one of the local residents. Of course we all know what happens with unsavoury truths, don’t we? They spread like wildfire. There’s excitement in the air, as he whispers his little tale, and I can’t help but wonder if from his input the world is not about to change.

What do you suppose he’s whispering?

Finally, for today, I should point out that during all the recent political mayhem, it has occurred to me that some of the judicial decisions coming down in a certain country which shall remain nameless have been, let’s just say, a little strange. While I don’t think I need to provide you with examples, I did look for explanations, and this is what I came up with:

Here we see the Supreme Court. Now, I’m not going out of my way to pick on one country. This gaggle of goofballs could represent any country in the world. The main idea is that appearances can be deceptive. Here, the justices all appear normal, except perhaps for one. To put it another way, ‘one of these things is not like the others’. So, which one do you suppose I’m talking about?

I was quite pleased with this when I drew it. It is exactly as I envisioned it, and there are elements within it which I think in some cultures might qualify as humorous. It’s fundamentally realistic too, if you disregard the purple KerDoodles and the alien. Or, is that what actually makes it more realistic?

I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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Oh, Lordy, but did I have fun with the aliens! There are so many ways to think about them, to use the word, that it really was a smorgasbord of ideas for a creative like me. You might remember the first space scene I drew, on page 40. Well, right about that same time I drew these.

This first is quasi-political. It’s an entreaty to be kind – to be clean. It’s an alien commenting on the way we humans seem to make a big mess wherever we go. Yes, that’s a photographic background. No, I didn’t take it – I’ve been called ‘spaced out’ a few times but I’ve never been to the moon. It was one of my first KerDoodle aliens – you can see that I haven’t quite figured out their final form yet. He’s got the dog-ears of the regular KerDoodle, and a very pale skin and jumpsuit. His eyes are black circles, with small white circles inside – the reverse of the usual KerDoodle norms. I like him, but he’s not quite there yet.

The same in the next one, which – imagine that – I drew somewhere around Christmastime.

Again, they’re pale grey. But this time they’re a little more insect-like – solid, round faces with long, grey antennae, and thin, flat feet. In this one, the scene is simple. Santa has landed with his sleigh on the surface of the moon – or whatever other planet he has detoured to – and he’s being held up apparently at gunpoint by a gang of KerDoodle aliens. Santa looks scared – at first. But soon – as we see in panel 2 – he’s leading the aliens in a friendly, stomach-clutching, uproarious cacophony of mirth. The guns are lying in the background, unneeded, undesired. Santa has worked his magic on these nefarious chaps, and they are completely intoxicated. And isn’t that the way it should be? What place is there in KerDoolia, in the Village, or even in our world for all the anger and the angst? It’s so unproductive. So much better to just put the weapons away, and laugh.

The next one shows the development of the KerDoodle aliens.

The basic shape is there now: long trunk, long head, high, pointy eyes. They’re still a pale shade of grey – they haven’t darkened up yet. Their feet are looking a bit strange, but even they are a sign of progress toward what they eventually became. The scene is simple enough: our KerDoodle hero has apparently been abducted and is on the deck of the space ship. The Captain has his inordinately long arm wrapped around him (is it a welcome or a threat?). There’s a grin on his face and he’s looking nervously left, at the Captain. Who knows what thoughts are crossing through his mind?

Outside there’s a rocket flying by – clearly having just taken off from the planet Earth. There’s also another little lite craft hovering by – one which we will see more and more often as we continue to encounter our new alien friends.

After this one the final form of the KerDoodle aliens seemed to just set. I figured out the mould, and filled it in the same way more and more frequently. Like our regular KerDoodle friends, these guys are encountering earth as foreigners would, and because we are on the other side of the fourth wall, so are we.

So now that you know what’s going on with these alien types, how about a quick look through some more? This is a small selection of the aliens I drew – a selection from the inspired list, to be sure. Some are simple observations, some are actual attempts at humour. You be the judge. Rapid fire.

Isn’t this what’s supposed to happen with illegal aliens?

The relationship between aliens is not all that complex, but it is fraught with difficulties. Here we are, up to our old tricks again.

But, that’s not how it’s supposed to work!

An alien named Roger? Outrageous!

The space ship Enterprise must be thunderously loud, up-close. One question: how, on earth or off, did an ordinary KerDoodle wind up yakking with an alien?

Aliens gotta have their experiment subjects, so when the tractor beam breaks down they just do the best they can.

Going back to illegal aliens, here’s an civilized alien invasion.

This one is, I think, self-explanatory.

Actually, I love this one.

Which of our inventions, do you suppose, would be of any interest to aliens?

Another commentary on human trash.

This one takes a poke at our propensity to pollute. Between garbage and pollution we are a pretty filthy animal.

Nope. Not much of that around these days.

It occurred to me that aliens would probably have some kind of system in place for property management.

Ever wonder what’s going on when you see UFOs flying in formation?

Now you know.

Is there fire in space? There must be, or why bother with fire hydrants?

Is it true that the first two cars ever put on the road got in an accident together?

Do space craft use hi-test?

Because sometimes they just have to know.