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As an artiste I must always be on the lookout for forgeries – unauthorized copies of my work. Well, I found one, and I don’t know about you, but I can hardly tell the difference between them. Can you? I’m thinking that whoever did… Continue Reading “Forgery!!”

The Golden KerDoodle goes to…

Many thanks to all who responded to yesterday’s Interaction post – the correct answer was six. Georgina, Arlan and Dorothy all get the Golden KerDoodle. A special mention goes to Angelique. I’m still looking for that extra KerDoodle. 😜

Saturday Morning



So… interaction time. How many ghost kerdoodles do you see in this old building? Please reply by comment… ~*~

In the Village


Night Sweats




Money Talks



It’s Sunday Morning, and we all know what that means… ~*~

My therapist says…