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Before and After

Dee rode off with her little friend to the other end of the paddock and we turned to walk back toward the barns. After a while, walking in silence, we both suddenly heard splashing and noisy chatter from up the hill. “What’s going on?”… Continue Reading “Before and After”

Hanging On

“Let’s keep going,” I said, and we carried on up the hill and across a large paddock toward a gravel lane. On the lane we saw a couple of young ladies on horseback, going for a light hack, and, of course, along with them… Continue Reading “Hanging On”


After my most invigorating dream I decided to get up. I swung my legs out over the edge of the bed and rubbed the sand out of my eyes. I stood up, pulled on my lightest sweater, and opened the door to my room.… Continue Reading “Vanilla”

Think Big

“A walk in the forest?” I said. “I’d like to, but I really could use a nap. I think that bang on the head has done more than show me KerDoodles. I feel very tired.” “No problem,” answered Clive. “In fact, it’s probably a… Continue Reading “Think Big”

Training Grounds

I turned and followed his gaze, and what I saw was just about enough to knock my socks off! There, stretched across the summer-warm paddocks was an absolutely amazing sight! “What the heck is going on over there?” I asked, my mouth gaping wide… Continue Reading “Training Grounds”

Dangerous Work

“Okay,” said Clive, getting up from the kitchen table. “Time for you to see the kind of things we do.” We followed him out the front door of the house. Well, more accurately, I followed Clive, and my sister followed me. We looked around… Continue Reading “Dangerous Work”

The Gift

After watching the cat play for a while we all turned around and walked back toward the entrance. On the way there we happened on an amazing Christmas Tableau, which immediately made it obvious to me that people aren’t as ‘in charge’ of their… Continue Reading “The Gift”

Creaking barns

After a good night’s sleep Clive woke me with a gentle nudge. He watched me eat my breakfast (he had already eaten) and handed me my brush. “Combover!” he said, and I did. “Where are we going?” I asked. “Dee’s place.” Dee is my… Continue Reading “Creaking barns”

Holy KerDoodle

“I think you’re ready,” said Clive. “For what?” “To see us in action.” “Haven’t I been seeing you already?” “Well, yes, but not in action. We actually have a job to do, you know. Let’s go meet the Padre.” He led me away from… Continue Reading “Holy KerDoodle”


After a short nap I felt more refreshed. I got up and went outside where the morning was crisp, the air clean. Birds were flying in or out of the mountains – I’m not really sure. I saw a house in the distance, brown… Continue Reading “Flowers”